We will be closed from 6th June – 13th June for a short break and new inspiration.

Back on 14th June with big smiles!


Vom 6. bis 13. Juni werden wir eine kurze Pause einlegen und freuen uns, Sie ab 14. Juni wieder begrüßen zu dürfen!


“Jane Eyre”, I always liked the sound of that name (just like the name Charlotte Brontë) and I have to admit to have watched the film adaption already with lovely Charlotte Gainsbourg as Jane, but since this is a booooook club, I’ll get out that dusty copy from the shelves and start reading tonight. So please, pick up this classic (in the shop with a 10% discount) and get involved in big drama. Looking forward to it! Everybody welcome!

Tuesday, 12th July 2011
8pm to 11pm  at England, England

Welcome to our shiny new website, which makes it easier to update events and news on the shoppe. It’s not quite finished yet, but will be completed over the next few weeks. Have a look round and feel free to drop us a line anytime!
Best regards, Anke Hoppert