Now a few weeks have passed since England, England closed its doors for the last time and I couldn’t really find words up till now, to say Goodbye. Those last days in the shoppe felt more than strange, everything being done consciously for the last time. Peeling carrots, hoovering the carpet, measuring 1.4 kg of flour for scones, breathing in that very special England, England smell in the morning. I could not imagine not doing this anymore every day, my blood was circulating it.
There are so many stories within this one little big story and you, my guests and you, my wonderful colleagues have written them. I am so very grateful that this crazy idea of an English Tearoom in Dresden was received with open hearts and curiousity and the encouraging feedback carried me through. I had the fortune of meeting people from all over the world, learning about their stories and creating a space that was like a second home to me and others. Now it’s time for somebody new to create her very own dream. „Frau Lehmann“ will start at the end of September and it will be great! THANK YOU everybody who walked through these doors, I will be off to do something completely different now and maybe we will see each other again on some path or the other. Thank you!

Finally – an Update! Goodbyes and Hellos

Dear all! These last months have been, wohoo, a ride! After I announced back in August that I’m looking for somebody to take over this little island England, England, I had so many enquiries, some serious, some less so. Thank you, first of all, to all those, whose interest and passion showed me that there is a lot of appreciation for the little tearoom around, so many times I heard, that it mustn’t close and the good news is, it won’t! I found (or she found me?!) a wonderful, dedicated and inspiring successor, who is willing to plunge herself in this adventure, making it her own and providing you with a new and wider range of deliciousness. There will, and have to be quite a few changes to the “old” England, England as you know it. Until the end of July, my lovely team and I will very much like to see you all again, shaking hands, drinking tea and saying our Goodbyes. In August the shoppe will stay closed, so you can welcome and discover what’s new in September!

// If you still have a voucher, please come in before the end of July to get some delicious tea and cake for it!//

So buns and bunnies – we will take a break from 19th to 26th of April and enjoy some good weather and cake! Happy Easter everyone and see you back on 27th April!

We stay closed on 23rd & 24th of February, sorry!

22.12. – 26.12. Closed
27.12. – 30.12. Open from 2-6 pm
31.12. – 02.01. Closed

Back on the 3rd of January 2019!

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2019!

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