Bookclub No. 11 Doris Lessing “The Fifth Child” & “Ben in the World”

“I hated writing it. It was sweating blood.” (DL)
Now, this is intriguing enough to read Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing’s “classic horror story”, don’t you think?! When the Lovatt’s fifth child is born, he turns out to be not only a little difficult but quite a monster who threatens to destroy their oh so happy family life. Two books on Ben, the outcast, the freak, the challenge to everything we seem to want to establish as norm(al).

If YOU are reading this with interest, but have never been to the bookclub, PLEASE feel welcome to join at any time.
There is wine and crisps and lots of interesting people, yeah!
You can buy the book inside with a 10% discount!

Tuesday, 8th May 2012
8.00pm to 11.00pm  at England, England

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