5th May: Binoculers

Timeless yet modern Folk from close-up to bird’s eye view that maps the landscapes of melancholy.

Binoculers follows a minimalist attitude but fills the idea with versatile instruments and a loop machine. Imagine a musical box playing lullaby hymns at midnight. The songs are discreet and chary but not shy, rather a modest invitation than screaming and pushy. From the loneliness of a pirate to a circus in the clouds, this picturesque music spans a large spectrum.

Nadja Rüdebusch has been writing her songs and playing concerts under the name of Binoculers since 2007. She lives in Hamburg.

Saturday, 05th May 2012
8.30pm to 11.45pm live at England, England

Homepage: http://www.binoculers.de/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Binoculers/137770469573538
Bandcamp: http://www.binoculers.bandcamp.com/

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