Bookclub No. 15 D.H. Lawrence “Sons and Lovers” UPDATE!

At first, I was put off by the title to be honest, but the more I read about Mr Lawrence and having started the book, I’m intrigued to read more!

Paul Morel tries to break free from his mother Gertrude but Oedipus and all the others don’t like that idea. Published in 1913, it was regarded as too sexually explicit and only later found critical acclaim. A classic of the 20th century, come and read!
Join the book club anytime (you don’t need to sign anywhere, not to worry!), we are always glad to make new acquaintances & you can buy the book in the shoppe with a 10% discount!

Tuesday, 9th October 2012
8.00pm to 11.00pm  at England, England

PLEASE NOTE: I am very very sorry, but I have to cancel the bookclub due to personal reasons.
My suggestion is to hold it on Tuesday the 23rd October.

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