Bookclub No. 31 Flann O’Brien “The Hard Life” (Update: Change of Date!)

Back in the times of me attending a bookclub in England (like a hundred years ago), I did come across Mr O’Brien with his strange sounding book “At-Swim-Two-Birds”. I don’t quite remember why I only read the first few pages, maybe because my English was still in the state of very superficial acknowledgement of literature or I just didn’t like the look of the book (that happens often and tells you something about me and my prejudices).
But NOW comes my second chance.
“An Exegesis Of Squalor” (subtitle) sounds rather disheartening, but apparently Flann O’Brien is known as one of the greatest Irish wits and this bookhz seems to be a great combination of heartbreak and comedy (oh, how I love the Irish!).

Unfortunately this time you have to organise the book yourselves, as I can’t get hold of it from my distributor. Good luck!

Update: Dear bookclub goers – I need to change the date of our gathering from the 8th of July to the 15th July, I’m really sorry! Hope you can make it anyway?!

Tuesday, 8th July 2014 15th July 2014
8.15pm at England, England

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