Bookclub No. 33 Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie “Americanah”

Everybody, or so it seems, has read this book or is talking about it.
Set in Nigeria, England and the USA, Americanah is a dissection of attitudes towards race, a love story and I should think much more. As I’m one of the few who haven’t read it, I can only recount what I read about it, like “Gratifyingly, Americanah does not disappoint. It tells the story of Ifemelu, a spirited young girl with strong opinions, and her teenage boyfriend, Obinze, who grow up with romanticised notions of the west, shaped by the literature of Graham Greene, Mark Twain and James Baldwin. When Ifemelu is presented with an opportunity to continue her postgraduate studies in Philadelphia, she takes it. Some years later, Obinze, too, goes in search of a better life, but to Britain.“ (E. Day for The Guardian) I’m looking forward to it!
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Tuesday, 4th November 2014
8.15pm at England, England

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