7th October: Charlie Rayne & Robert Leslie

Charlie Rayne is a young songster who writes fiery songs that he performs in a bare-bones set-up. Armed with an acoustic guitar, Rayne whirls across the stage, weaving vivid story lines into bold strums and delicate arpeggios, musing at times and mischievously smirking at others. Bursting out into the Beirut music scene in 2013 with a first EP, he is now based in Berlin and will be releasing a full-length album in October 2014.


Robert Leslie is a mystical bohemian troubadour with a murky background and intense eyes. His soulful, lyrical songs deal with all the love, confusion, and ennui associated with being a drifter in the twenty-first century. Robert has been piercing souls straight through the heart since he left home at the age of nineteen and has since released two EPs and a full-length album. He has been ruthlessly clawing and scratching his way to the top of the N.Y.C. ladder since early 2013 and currently resides in a foul, degenerate loft in Brooklyn.


Tuesday, 7th October 2014
8.00pm at England, England

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