4th February: Open Meeting DBG

Dear Deutsch Britische Gesellschaft members and friends,

We invite you to our February 2015 Open Meeting on Wednesday, 4 February at 19:00.
Dr Francis Jarman, Berlin, wil be giving a talk on “Culture and Identity – or, Why Intercultural Communication Matters”.
People are committing murder to avenge insults to their cultural values; while others are taking to the streets in thousands because they believe that their culture is in danger. But what is this “cultural identity” that is so precious, and so controversial? And is conflict between members of different cultures inevitable?
Concepts from Intercultural Communication may help to make the issues easier to understand.
Francis Jarman has taught or lectured in eighteen countries around the world, and was a founding member of the Institute of Intercultural Communication at the University of Hildesheim.

The talk will be given in English, follwed by a discussion in either English or German.
We are looking forward to seeing you!

4th February 2015
7pm at ‘England, England’

Bitte beachten: Aufgrund dieser Veranstaltung schliessen wir schon um 19 Uhr!

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