10th April: Rowan Coupland & Mute Swimmer

An evening of literate, alternative songwriting from the UK

Rowan Coupland – Neofolk (harp/guitar/voice)- UK/Berlin

Rowan Coupland is a singer who has travelled all over the world looking for songs, a musical troubadour singing and performing with an astonishing voice and complex and delicate fingerpicked harp and guitar.
Veering from the most full blooded howls of the classic blues singers to wide eyed wonderment of the saddest folk song, his lyrics travel from his home in England to the streets of Paris, the mountains and lakes of Canada, and to the Berlin winter.

Album of the year, 2012- Brighton Music Blog
‘Thoroughly beguiling neo folk’ –Time Out London


Mute Swimmer – is the principle musical project of British artist Guy Dale.

He has described his work as an act of sabotage – often taking the process of writing and the moment of performance itself as a narrative subject. His songs defy easy categorization taking in elements of conceptual and performance art alongside those of post rock, folk and the traditional melodic song. Either as a band or solo Mute Swimmer creates music that is romantic, ironic and beguiling by rapid turns.


Friday, the 10th April 2015
8.00pm at England, England
Free Show with collection

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