Cringe Readings No.3 23rd March 2017

Dresden Cringe Readings No. 3

England, England  23rd March 2017  Starting at 8.15pm

“Black Ice and the Pinkie Sisters”

Featuring the teenage writings of

Stephanie Bogin, Anke Hoppert, Carina Merseburger and Laura Park


In our social media world, it has never been easier to record for ever our every word, activity or meal and share it with the world.

But how did teenagers in the analogue age cope, when their main option for keeping a record of their lives was to commit it all to a handwritten diary that no-one was ever meant to see?

Until today. Now, four fearless women have agreed to air their outpourings of teenage angst, inviting you to listen to secrets that have been hidden away for years in diaries, love letters, poems … and a manifesto.

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