Final Bookclub Julian Barnes “The Only Story”

Final Bookclub “The Only Story” by Julian Barnes
Tuesday, 28th May 2018 // 20:00

For our very first Bookclub in 2011 we read Julian Barnes‘ England, England – now, 70 odd books later, we close the circle with his latest novel The Only Story.
It is primarily, as a novel is defined, a story about love. Classical. But what interested me most, apart from the fact that Barnes is a good way to end this Bookclub, is how this novel is about memory, about the story we tell once something has ended.
“But I’m remembering the past, not reconstructing it” – we can’t tell the truth about what happened, we can only string together our memories, as random, arbitrary and incomplete as this might be and at the end, we are left with Our story. As my time at England, England draws to an end, I would like to thank you for all these inspiring evenings, full of controversy, laughter and interest, for every one of you I came to meet and who shared their story!

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