After the madness…thanks to everybody who came round! We couldn’t count cakes anymore, anything really, but it was fun! We will take a short break from 23rd June until 25th June, back on Friday! Peace!

Ok, here we go again! As the weatherforecast is pretty bad for this year’s Bunte Republik Neustadt (BRN), we will probably be opening the café as well as having our nice table outside. Let’s see! For now it’s chopping chocolate, squeezing lemons and listening to music, really loud! See you ;-)

A bookclub at Stephanie Bogin’s, yeah, big style! As drinks and good food seem to play a bigger role at these events, we came to the conclusion that it might be better to talk about any old book that for some reason touched, bothered, whatevered you (sorry, but the task to name my favourite book is absolutely out of the question, I couldn’t)! Bring food and drink and a jumper!

Friday, 5th June 2015

Dear lovers of the sun, Bank Holidays and cakes: we are open tomorrow from 2- 6 pm!

Tomorrow we work on the holy day of work from 2 till 6!
NEW: Starting this Saturday, we will offer English Breakfast from 10 till 2 pm, so it’s sausage and bacon time all weekend from now on!

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