Opening times 31st October: 2-6pm!
And afterwards you can sip your tea until 8pm at night again.
New opening times starting 1st November: Tuesday-Saturday 12-8pm, Sunday 10-6pm!

Öffnungszeiten am 31. Oktober: 14-18 Uhr!
Ab November haben wir wieder längere Öffnungszeiten! Dienstag bis Samstag 12-20 Uhr und Sonntag 10-18 Uhr.

Twice broken the rules here: 1. Ms Shriver is an American author, 2. I’ve seen the film first, but my, what a film it is and I definitely want to read the book now. “Disturbing” doesn’t begin to describe it and if you are a feeble mother feeling insecure about the way you rear your child, you shall be warned!
Eva Khatchadourian, in the film brilliantly depicted by Tilda Swinton (oh, how I love her!) doesn’t easily warm to her role as mother when Kevin is born. As the years pass by, the unease between them grows and ends in tragedy. Must read!

Join the book club anytime (you don’t need to sign anywhere, not to worry!), we are always glad to make new acquaintances & you can buy the book in the shoppe with a 10% discount!

Tuesday, 27th November 2012
8.00pm to 11.00pm at England, England

Is it possible, well yes, I guess … England, England is two years old today! Thank you everybody who made this worthwile, friends, staff, guests, helping hands! It wasn’t easy that last year, life changed a lot and it is due to you that I’m still going – thank you! To celebrate there is a 10% discount on everything today!

A nice little gig with Englishman Pete Welchman, I think it’s going to be special…
Free Show!

Thursday, 18th October 2012
8.00 pm (20.00 Uhr) at England, England

The Shift … playing acoustic originals. Come and enjoy….

Friday, 12th October 2012
8.30 pm (20.30 Uhr) at England, England

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