“All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy.
No man does. That is his”
(Oscar Wilde: ‘A Woman of No Importance.’)

Is this quote just an example of Oscar Wilde’s wit or is it true?
What does it really mean when someone says they have the best mother in the world? Is being a good mother an unattainable state and do stepmothers deserve their bad reputation as the world’s wicked witches?

If you’d like some answers to these and other matters related to the question of mothers, come to England, England on Thursday, June 7th and listen to the readings and reflections of known and unknown authors on the subject.
In case there is something on your mind about – well – mothers, feel free to produce any kind of written, photographed, sung or baked statement to present that night!

Readings and Reflections on Mothers
England, England
June 7th, at 8.15pm

“Written not for children, but for childlike people from eight to eighty.”

Who hasn’t heard of “The Happy Prince” or “The Selfish Giant”?

On the cover it reads: A celebrated playwright and poet, Oscar Wilde also penned incomparable nonfiction and fiction – and lovely gemlike fairy tales. Filled with princes and nightingales, mermaids, giants, and kings, his tales carry the mark of his signature irony and subtle eroticism. Well you can be sure of that!

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Tuesday, 26th June 2012
8.00pm to 11.00pm  at England, England

Timeless yet modern Folk from close-up to bird’s eye view that maps the landscapes of melancholy.

Binoculers follows a minimalist attitude but fills the idea with versatile instruments and a loop machine. Imagine a musical box playing lullaby hymns at midnight. The songs are discreet and chary but not shy, rather a modest invitation than screaming and pushy. From the loneliness of a pirate to a circus in the clouds, this picturesque music spans a large spectrum.

Nadja Rüdebusch has been writing her songs and playing concerts under the name of Binoculers since 2007. She lives in Hamburg.

Saturday, 05th May 2012
8.30pm to 11.45pm live at England, England

Homepage: http://www.binoculers.de/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Binoculers/137770469573538
Bandcamp: http://www.binoculers.bandcamp.com/

“I hated writing it. It was sweating blood.” (DL)
Now, this is intriguing enough to read Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing’s “classic horror story”, don’t you think?! When the Lovatt’s fifth child is born, he turns out to be not only a little difficult but quite a monster who threatens to destroy their oh so happy family life. Two books on Ben, the outcast, the freak, the challenge to everything we seem to want to establish as norm(al).

If YOU are reading this with interest, but have never been to the bookclub, PLEASE feel welcome to join at any time.
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You can buy the book inside with a 10% discount!

Tuesday, 8th May 2012
8.00pm to 11.00pm  at England, England

Annalena likes Mute Swimmer likes The Great Park likes to play at England, England and I will very gladly welcome her and Nicolai Schorr to do so, yes yes yes!
Tuesday, 10th April 2012
9.00pm to 0.00am live at England, England

Have a listen here:

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