Everybody needs a few glimpses of the sun and that is why the shoppe stays closed from 2nd to 8th April 2012! Hope to welcome you back on the 10th of April with our homemade specialities, ice teas and fresh sandwiches!

Für eine kurze Auszeit und neue Inspiration schließen wir vom 2.-8.April 2012!
Ab dem 10.April backen wir wieder leckere Sachen und freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch!


Soup alert: it’s homemade tomato soup with Coleman’s mustard meat balls this week, hmmmm!

Leek, Bacon & Pasta – it’s still cold you know!

It’s only three weeks away and I’m so looking forward to having “The Great Park” playing in my humble chamber.
About: Stephen Burch is an English songwriter currently based in Berlin. He began making music whilst living on a remote farm in rural Ireland – using acoustic guitars, the family’s piano, brooms and chains. His lyrical, narrative songs bear the influence of the fields of County Cork and the streets of Berlin. Images of persecution abound, songs of urgent travel and a search for home – the unifying theme is that of grave drama within ‘The Great Park’.

Friday, 16th March 2012
9.00pm to 0.00am live at England, England

More about The Great Park

This book has been sitting in my shelves for over ten years now (hence the paper’s gone sunburned) and I’m really pleased we chose it now! Something happens to Englishwoman Miss Quested (what a name!) in the Marabar Caves of India and charming Dr Aziz is being held responsible for it. Obviously this just sets the scene for exploring the British Raj and maybe why I still shrink when I hear the word “Kolonialwaren”. Many call this Forster’s finest novel, so let’s start reading!

Tuesday, 27th March 2012
8.30pm to 11.30pm  at England, England

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