Soup-Fool! As I had a few requests over the past weeks for something heart-warming and tasty, I’ll offer a homemade soup again starting tomorrow. I thought of Blue Cheese & Pea Soup with baby savoury Scones to start with, it’s my favourite!

Oh well, who would have thought a year passes that quickly?! England, England is 1 year old on Sunday! Get a free tea that day with any cake! If you pass the shop Saturday night, don’t be afraid to come in and listen to the better-than-the-original Matze, Margo and Reim, starting their startling performance at 10pm!
Thank you all for a rewarding year, it was great fun as well as hugely exhausting, baking a thousand cakes, learning a lot about so many things, but above all, meeting people I wouldn’t otherwise have met and who have constantly inspired me. This is what I am most grateful for, this is why I am doing it. Cheers!

Speak English on the sofa! Next Thursday (20th October, 6.30-8pm), Englishman Nick Medland will start a group on the England, England sofa called “Just talk”. If you feel that your English has become a bit wobbly, but you don’t necessarily want to sit in a classroom at night struggling to stay awake, this informal way of listening/speaking might be a good way to get back in touch with the language, without it being a class with texts, books etc. There might be more nights, depending on the different levels and interests of the participants. For further details please contact the Dresden School for British English (Daniel Simmons), who runs the courses. There is a 50 Euro fee for 10 weeks.

Oh blessed circumstance – after The Dropout Patrol, I am happy to welcome “The Puddle Parade” and “Homemade Empire” to my humble home! You who missed last time should DEFINITELY come and you who took part anyway!

Thursday, 20th October 2011
9.30pm to 0.30am live at England, England

“The Puddle Parade”

“Homemade Empire”

After a fabulous gig night with “The Dropout Patrol” Jana at England, England in July, we had a little ride in the London cab next morning (sorry if the signs of too much wine consumption still show) and recorded two songs with a handheld camera (check out the for our inspiration-giver there)! Hopefully there will be more gigs and more cab rides in the future and big thanks again to Jana for making this a fantastic start!

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