When I look into the soup pan today it is of a colour that sums up this glorious autumn: golden and creamy pumpkin & carrot soup with homemade croûtons. If you don’t hurry, I will have eaten it all by myself!

This weeks soup from the new Jamie Oliver cookbook: “Mighty Mulligatawny” – thankfully I have a dear Irish regular, with whom I practised the pronounciation today!

“…it is my job to tell you the true story of what never happened. Perhaps that’s a definition of fiction.” This book is full of sentences like that. I like it a lot. It’s about a history of the 20th century without the name of Hitler (as his father conveniently was made infertile by drinking from a well). Weird and brilliant this one. Looking forward to re-reading it and inviting you to join the not-closed circle on 8th November!

Tuesday, 8th November 2011
8.00pm to 11.00pm  at England, England

Soup-Fool! As I had a few requests over the past weeks for something heart-warming and tasty, I’ll offer a homemade soup again starting tomorrow. I thought of Blue Cheese & Pea Soup with baby savoury Scones to start with, it’s my favourite!

Oh well, who would have thought a year passes that quickly?! England, England is 1 year old on Sunday! Get a free tea that day with any cake! If you pass the shop Saturday night, don’t be afraid to come in and listen to the better-than-the-original Matze, Margo and Reim, starting their startling performance at 10pm!
Thank you all for a rewarding year, it was great fun as well as hugely exhausting, baking a thousand cakes, learning a lot about so many things, but above all, meeting people I wouldn’t otherwise have met and who have constantly inspired me. This is what I am most grateful for, this is why I am doing it. Cheers!

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