This weekend we have to stay closed as it’s the big Schuleinführung for everybody. Sorry!

On Sunday (9th August), we will open from 10 till 2pm!
Am Sonntag, dem 9. August haben wir von 10 bis 14 Uhr geöffnet!

Friends and followers, our spring cleaning appointment is long overdue, therefore we will close tomorrow Tuesday) to crawl the tearoom on our knees to make it bright and shiny again. Back on Wednesday!

Da unser jährlicher Frühjahrsputz schon längst überfallig ist, schließen wir morgen um das England, England wieder blitzen zu lassen. Ab Mittwoch wieder regulär geöffnet!

Dear DBG members and friends,

For our upcoming July Open Meeting we will continue the “takes” on the UK, this time focusing on Northern Ireland.

The province has more or less disappeared from the daily news headlines, but that does not mean that all is well there. We are indeed glad to have Dr John Kirk, visiting professor with the TU Dresden, with us for the topic. He has lived in Belfast for many years and will share his experiences and his views on the situation.

So, come and join us on Wednesday, July 1st,19 hrs at our usual “haunt” lovely England England Café for a talk and discussion: Northern Ireland: A failed statelet?

Published in 1958, this novel stands out as one of the first widely acclaimed works of modern fiction coming out of post-colonial Africa. It’s the story of the life of “the greatest wrestler and warrior” Okonkwo and his family in the small Nigerian village of Umuofia. Deeply attached to their community, a world full of gods, rites, hierarchies and the clan, they get uprooted by having to go into exile for seven long years. Things fall apart during this time, and the world upon their return, isn’t the same they have left behind.

Join the book club anytime (you don’t need to sign anywhere,not to worry!), we are always glad to make new acquaintances & you can buy the book in the shoppe with a 10% discount!

Tuesday, 14th July 2015
8.15pm at England, England

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