“The Invention of Hugo Cabret” is a graphic novel, a children’s book, a film; an all-sorts-of-things. Hugo, orphan, clock keeper and thief, lives in a Paris train station. He’s got a secret project to finish, but the old man from the toy booth crosses his plans by taking away his treasured notebook.

This is the Christmas bookclub, which means that everybody is bringing something to eat or drink, where this ends up, who knows!

Join the book club anytime (you don’t need to sign anywhere, not to worry!), we are always glad to make new acquaintances & you can buy the book in the shoppe with a 10% discount!

Tuesday, 9th December 2014
8.15pm at England, England

Tomorrow afternoon (Sunday), we close for a private birthday party at 3pm, very sorry about that! But until then, please come and enjoy the good cake!
Aufgrund einer privaten Geburtstagsfeier schließen wir morgen (Sonntag) leider schon um 15 Uhr. Bis dahin öffnen wir natürlich wie gewohnt!

On Tuesday (4th November), they cut our electricity until 4pm, so we can only open from 4 till 8 tomorrow. Sorry! Bookclub will take place!

Am Dienstag (4. November) wird uns leider der Strom bis 16 Uhr abgestellt. Darum haben wir nur von 16 – 20 Uhr geöffnet. Der Bookclub findet statt!

“Remember, remember the 5th of November…”

For our next Open Meeting of the Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft Dresden we invite you to join us for some Bonfire-Night Festivities!
Come along, bring your friends and enjoy a campfire on the Elbe riverbanks!
Find out more about Guido Fawkes, the guy who started it all when he tried to blow up the King and Parliament in the famous gunpowder plot of 1605.
Please bring along some nibbles to share with all of us at the campfire. We will take care of mulled wine and some (legal) fireworks.

Please register by Monday, 3rd November, via e-mail (info@dbg-dresden.org), stating the number of people you’ll be bringing along. This will help us a lot with the planning. Thank you!

Location: Campfire Site near the Neustadt Ferry (Lagerfeuerstelle Drachenschänke)
Public Transport: Tram 11 to Diakonissenkrankenhaus, then walk down to the Elbe riverbanks (see Location link: http://bit.ly/10cXVEF

We are open from 2 till 6 pm!
Wir haben heute von 14 bis 18 Uhr geöffnet!

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    Phone: +49 (0)351 329 501 50
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